Friday, October 3, 2014

Group Time

Children in their early ages prefer to get individual attention, task and rewards but an effective teacher always minimizes that behavior through strategic teaching. For example stories and group discussion time are the best approach to teach good moral values to children.   Engaging children in stories helps them to enhance their imaginative stills that lead them to differentiate between the good and bad characteristics and they want to apply in their real lives.
Therefore, every teacher and caregiver must try to do the following;
  • Always have a space and time for group time to keep children in circle and tell them stories
  • Generate discussions on what, why and how so children could complete the sequence of the story together that will enhance a positive competition  
  • Make the discussion interactive through open ended questions so children can use their ideas, thoughts and understanding
  • Listen to the children carefully and raise questions and probe accordingly so the flow of their expression to raise their confidence and trust in their abilities

If this happens, it will help children to share and learn from each other. It will also help them to socialize and modify their behavior from self centeredness of people center, which would be a great asset for their personal and social growth. Therefore, every teacher must try group time as a routine for their classroom practice. 

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