Monday, May 27, 2013

Informed Parents: Successful Children  

Informed parents are critical to make their children successful in their societies and beyond. They need information and resources where they can gain information regarding early childhood education and implement that learning with their children.
Parents from rural communities need more attention to get information because they do not have access to information and resources.
Our experience with mothers remained quite interesting when mothers attended the parents’ sessions at the centers regularly and applied their learning at home with their children. They also brought their children to the center to give them an access to play with toys, listen to stories, sing nursery rhymes, make friends and play together. Mother issued story books to read them for their children at home.  
It was a moving experience, when they noticed the changes in their children’s active learning and positive behavior.  One mother sharing her experience with her child said, “My son always pushes me to bring him to the center” She further explained, One day, when she was busy with some guests at home and could not manage to bring him to the center, her son cried, did not eat and slept. So she felt bad that she could not take him to the center.
It indicates, the more parents get information and access to resources, child care becomes more productive and children become more successful.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Grandmothers’ Role in Child Care

Grandparents’ role is a key aspect in child nurturing in many cultures.  Working mothers prefer their mothers or mother- in -laws in looking after their children because they believe they have a soft corner for their grandchildren.
Some of the Asian communities, where the concept of baby sitting is missing, it become very difficult for working parents for their children’s wellbeing and better nurturing.  Therefore, parents find it a better option to keep the family connected by involving grandmothers in their children’s development.  Interestingly, it also empowers grandmothers to take responsibility in nurturing their grandchildren as well as demonstrate their maternal love.
Our experiences indicated that grandmothers enjoyed their involvement in their grandparents’ care.  One of the grandmothers shared her feelings this way. She said, “Its good to work with these kids because we learn English elephants, names of animals, vegetables and numbers (1, 2, 3, …..) etc. that we had never experiences in our life (grandmothers’ Interview in 2009)  
Keeping, this experience in view, it reflects that in extended families, grandmothers need to be involved so they can enjoy their learning and sharing their experiences with their grandchildren. This can make the learning enjoyable, valuable, productive and healthy for grandchildren children in their development.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Enhancing Love among Siblings  

"The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom."
-- Henry Ward Beecher

Mothers have a special place in each culture, religion and society. A loving mother makes the nurturing of children more meaningful, respectful and loving.   
It’s quite common that siblings feel jealousy among each other. They are more possessive about their mothers. When they see her love for a new born, they feel hurt and demonstrate negative behavior that leads them to disciplinary issues in the process. 
In order, to minimize jealousy among children, mothers need to keep the following in mind;  
·         Create love for the new born baby from the prenatal stages by asking the older children to kiss the baby in his/her mom’s tummy
·         Talk to the baby by touching their mom’s tummy.  
·         Involve him/her in buying stuff for the new baby
·         Always talk politely and friendly so the child can feel secure emotionally   
·         The mothers must also show a respectful and loving behavior for  newborn
Ultimately, it will allow the older children to get prepared for the baby because it’s like to have a guest coming home. If you are ready, you feel good but if not, it creates tension.
So as parents, its important to keep a balance between the ones they have and the one that will have. If this happens, it will automatically minimize jealousy and create love for each other among siblings.