Thursday, July 31, 2014

Equal Attention

We all believe that children have equal rights, responsibilities, status and opportunities but to understand the symbolic expression of the fact that two quantities are equal. We need to relate this expression with children at school. For example, early childhood education requires attention to maintain the expression in giving an equal opportunity to girls and boys from their critical ages and stages. In order to do that, schools need to keep in mind the following procedures;
·         Plan to give equal attention to boys and girls in the classrooms
·         Distribute and assign tasks equally for group and pair work
·         Ask questions to boys and girls equally
·         Form groups according to gender equality
·         Engage boys and girls for stage performances  
·         Educate parents to give equal attention to their daughters and sons at home
·         Encourage and highlight the importance of equal attention and its long term positive impact on the specific and general society.
So this approach to early childhood education can create equality among children and will increase their self esteem and confidence. It can also create a greater attachment to the teachers and the schools because the equal attention could reflect care, respect, love, attention and justice. If this happens, leading to a peaceful society wouldn’t be a dream for children from their early ages.

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